An Introduction to the Pagan Federation

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The Pagan Federation is a world-wide organisation, with members in many different countries. In Britain our land is divided, for administrative purposes, into Districts, each with a District Manager. Each District is then further divided into Regions, each with a Regional Co-ordinator; and some Regions also have local co-ordinators. In this way no Pagan Federation member ever needs to feel isolated – no matter if they are surrounded in their life by people who are not friendly to Pagan beliefs, there is always a Pagan they can turn to if they need support, or information about the local Pagan scene. Many Districts publish their own magazine, to keep members informed about local events.

Bluebell Woods, Greenbank Country Park

Bluebell Woods, Greenbank Country Park
Photo Copyright Janice Daniels

Regional and local co-ordinators encourage the formation of moots and meetings where local Pagans can gather together. Often (but not always) these are held in public houses or cafés. These meetings may feature talks by various kinds of Pagan, or may just be a social event where people can make new friends. Once Pagans make contact with each other in this generalised way, they may then progress to joining together with others who are on the same path, with the specific purpose of honouring the gods they worship. Or they can simply enjoy the monthly get-together, and take things no further!


After a Very Long and Harsh Winter, the Wheel Has Turned and Spring Has Finally Arrived

Most Districts hold annual public events, such as Summer Camps and/or Conferences, aimed both to get Pagans gathering together to enjoy themselves and also to form a bridge and a source of information to those unacquainted with Pagan beliefs.

Membership at present is open to those over 16 who accept the aims of the Pagan Federation, and costs £18 per year (£22 for a couple). This includes a quarterly magazine called Pagan Dawn, as well as discounts on PF events and products. The Pagan Federation publishes a leaflet giving more information about its aims and objectives, and copies of this, and membership application forms, can be obtained from the District Manager.

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