Hereford and Worcestershire

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An Introduction


The two counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire contain a huge variety of beautiful scenery and pagan places. Ancient woodlands, rolling hills and valleys, wild countryside and rivers abound. This is the land of the mighty river Severn and the gently meandering Wye, both passing through unspoilt places suitable for quiet contemplation and pagan rituals.

  • The river Lugg is named after Lugh, the Celtic god of light.
  • Local legend also tells of a mermaid who stole (and kept!) a church bell which fell into the Lugg. 
  • There are numerous sacred wells in the two counties, noted for being sites of pagan worship. 
  • The ley-hunter Alfred Watkins lived in Hereford and developed his theories of ley lines in this awesome landscape. 
  • We have the Malvern Hills which contain geology many millions of years old, marvellous views of the surrounding countryside and healing spring waters. 
  • Close to Hereford, the village of Mordiford has its very own dragon myth.
  • In Kilpeck to the south is a church decorated outside with mystical carvings including a famous Sheila-na-gig. 
  • Apple wassailing traditions are very much alive in the two counties so come to the celebrations in January and fill your caps and tankards to the brim!

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