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Sunday, 05 January 2014 12:49

Living Wild

Written by Elen Sentier
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Glencoe 2012

The joy of living wild, even if only for a few days – is one of my passions. It brings me close to the Earth and teaches me more and more how much she is my friend, my mother, teacher, mentor, and my dear companion.

Living on cities, towns, villages, even being able to see another house, changes our relationship with the Earth and the natural world; we feel safe, there’s always someone we can turn to if things go wrong, we are not alone. We don’t really relate or commit to the natural world and, in consequence, we don’t really see it. If we find ourselves “out there” with nothing human in sight we often tend to begin to panic, search desperately for a signal on the phone, for a house, a barn, even the sight of a cow or sheep makes a difference. The cry of a buzzard or the night barking of a fox, the sight of antlers on the horizon, the grunt of a hedgehog or badger in the disk may put our hair on end and set our imagination freaking out.

I love to be out alone, and all night too, seeing nothing human for days on end is a joy for me and I will tend to hide if I see or hear humans coming.

Glencoe 2012

Living wild, even if only for a night, is about learning that nature is our friend. It’s about learning the multitude of things we are surrounded with when out in the wild that will actually help us. Waking in my hammock to the sounds of birds, animals, the wind, the rain, snow, is part the joys of living wild and of Life for me.

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