What Membership Includes

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Membership of the Pagan Federation Mid-West and Wales (Myddle Earth) includes four (quarterly) issues of the Pagan Federation journal Pagan Dawn.


It also includes four (quarterly) issues of our own district publication Myddle Earth.


You will also gain access to the Myddle Earth website, which allows you to fully participate in its various features and services, read its published articles in full, see its image and video galleries and download a growing selection of Pagan Federation Mid-West and Wales publications - Drops of the Arwen, Offas Ring and Myddle Earth.

You will also be kept up to date with the latest Pagan Events and Moots in your area and will be able to purchase tickets to our summer camps, conferences and other events at a discount rate. So what are you waiting for? Join up today and take advantage of being a member of the the Pagan Federation Mid-West and Wales...

To join the Pagan Federation Mid-West and Wales, please visit Become A Member.


0 # Jayne Sears 2014-08-08 22:05
I'm interested in finding more out about paganism
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0 # linda savagar 2015-12-31 13:25
I am just reading and learning about paganism and feel very drawn i would like to meet likewise people and find out more.
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