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An Introduction

Welcome to the Midwest Region – thanks for visiting us. Although you might not think it from the name, this Region is the most northerly of the four Regions in the Wales and Midwest District. The Region covers, roughly, South Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire, or to be precise, postcode areas beginning with CW, TF, ST, CH1-3, SY1-14.

We are in a very varied part of the world: we have a little bit of nearly everything here, except for mountains, which we leave to the two Welsh Regions who do it so much better. But we do have our highlands, the Peak District begins near Leek, and we have lowlands, low enough for the Severn to flood them whenever she feels like it. We have rich farmlands, and the Region has some of the most beautiful, and largely undiscovered, rural areas in England. There are also industrial areas like Crewe, Stafford, Telford and the six towns of the Potteries. We are not short of historical places, either, which draw visitors from all over the world – ancient towns and cities like Lichfield, Tutbury, Wroxeter, Shrewsbury and Chester, houses and landmarks like Ford Green Hall, Mow Cop ;“Castle” and Little Morton Hall. For water lovers we have rivers and canals alive with both holidaymakers and residents, and we even have a little bit of coastline, around postcode area CH2.

That’s all topographical detail, but what about the Pagans who live here? I am glad to say we are well supplied with them, too. We have several monthly moots and meetings, and I am blessed and indeed truly thankful that there are people here who are able and willing to organise Regional conferences and moots, and make this the active Region that it is. I am constantly fascinated to note the differences in character between the monthly moots – I try to get around to as many of them as I can, it is an enjoyable part of being an RC. Some are organising speakers at every meeting, some just have a chat and a drink, others are arranged as “talking stick” discussions. Pagans are indeed a diverse breed of people and our moots reflect this.

Ian Robinson, Regional Co-ordinator for the Mid-West, contact 01785 227471 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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