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Problems with Society: A Pagan Approach

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Loss of Ancestor knowledge / worship

We have forgotten how to stay in touch with our Ancestors.
We no longer have a sense of ‘Family History’, of where our people come from, and who they were.

Sound familiar?

By losing our sense of who we were and where we come from, we have no sense of where we are going. This in turn leaves us with a feeling of loss and worthlessness.

Partly this is due to our having lost our ‘Tribal’ and larger Family links. Our society has become fragmented, with many children not knowing even near (genetic) relatives, through being moved away from earlier friends and family for economic reasons.

Isn’t it amazing that so many people are feeling a need to look into their families genealogy? And why is there such a sudden surge in history programmes on TV? Can it be that people are trying, on a mental level, to re-connect with their personal, tribal, past?

At a time when various states are trying for Federalisation, the Celtic Nations, in particular, are pushing for independence.

In the Middle-East, politicians and the UN are desperately trying to hold countries together, while local, tribal conflicts tear these countries apart.

It seems to me that many of these problems could be eased, if not solved, by looking not with a Nationalist or Federalist approach, but with Family, Tribe, or Clan eyes at them.

Are there any solutions?

One way we could put right some of these problems would be to re-introduce the Tribal 'Rite of Passage'.

From the start, these tell everyone where they belong in their Tribe or community. Lets look at some of these 'rites'.


This introduces a new life to its community. It makes sure that not only does the child feel accepted, but that it knows who it's extended family are. It also tells the group that they are responsible for this child. Thus both the child and its immediate circle feel a closer bond.


Not just for finishing Education, this may be when a particular stage of development has been reached. It makes the child proud to accomplish learning or tasks which are valuable within it's development. Makes the child feel cherished and valuable, thus not so likely to commit anti-social acts. It also keeps the community aware of the child's progress.


A vital mark of progress. In some religions, this is still used as a 'coming of age' indicator.


Again, a much noted stage which is important, not only to the individuals concerned, but also to their community.

Old Age / Elderhood

When an individual is considered wise enough to become a group sage, someone who can be relied on to give good advice to others within the community. All should be made aware of this.


The final stage in ones community developement. May mark a period of mourning, or a celebration of their life's achievements.

I feel that if more communities or extended families could be persuaded to adopt ‘Rites of Passage’, we could have a much more stable and crime-free lifestyle.

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