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Winter Lunar Eclipse in Llanelli

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Although both Terry and I caught the lurgy from hell in mid December and were still not over it, we decided we could not miss the opportunity to glimpse a view of the Winter Lunar Eclipse. So, out of bed we got, dressed in soo many layers that I looked and felt like the Michelin man and off we went to the closest beach, which is Llanelli North Dock.

There was still a great deal of snow on the ground, so Terry, in true Topgear stylie, tried to spin the car in the empty car park - never works when you try!

We walked along the empty beach in the dark, the waves gently lapping up at us, the stars sparkling still, that alone made the effort worth it. Like in most other areas, the cloud cover did not allow us a look at the moon but there was an eerie glow in the Western sky. At one time it went bloodred. It was a beautiful and awesome sight to behold.

Now, I know a few people talked about evil portends etc. in conjunction with this phenomenon, but to me it was magical. I felt vibrations in the air and earth that I hadn't ever felt before. Anything seemed possible in these moments.

Soon the red in the West was rivalled by the red in the East of the upcoming sun, which eventually rose with a warm, golden glow. The new day had begun, the spectacle was over - and we had been part of it. Blessings indeed.


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