Written by Cyt ap Nydden on .

Deep and under, dark and deep

Hid in cellar or in crypt

Deep desires and dark the deed

Never follow any script

Fabrics once a part of nature

Unnat’ral made by power of lust

Lives to feed a baser nature

Ossifying, dust to dust

Beating, driving, power rhythm

Smash the finer senses down

Beastial beauty, minds to schism

Introduce Satanic crown

Rend the flesh and tear the spirit

Gentle feelings smash and break

Degrade, pervert, all loving feelings

Fine emotions twist and take

Mother Earth by mankind raped

Religions peace and love proclaim

Then disclaim and fight each other

How may any thing be sane


I CURSE YOU ALL, you false religions

Philosophies promoting hate

Damn you to eternal torture

To you the hells you denigrate

You who claim eternal knowledge

Minds too small to truly see

Preaching love, condemning others

From hypocracy,


Set us free.

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