Bliss Brings Joy

Written by Nidian on .


Close your eyes and listen to the stream.


Within this ancient green and fertile land we dwell

Of the old religion.

Free of pain, free of fear, never to hunger.

We are whole,

But our daily wanting defines us

And our striving compels us.

For a time, cease this chatter of self! (pause)

In the stillness, become the flow of life.

Flow on ‘til the burbling stream is a river,

‘Till you reach the one sea of all that is.


So immersed,

Wait for your will to be quieted.

And for past and future to dissolve.

Bye and bye, want for nothing.

And know bliss. (pause)


Too soon, you drift ashore

To the world of the great work

But echoes of bliss play along the sparkling land

There is joy now, under the sun


0 # 2010-09-06 20:44
A Magical poem for a Magical experiance
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