Mud and Clay

Written by Nidian on .


I read my poetry to you

Who look on ready to be merciless?

But smiling away your interior view

Keen to ease my performance stress.


I am ready for the ritual…

The praise, my self-deprecating replies

A human warmth and insincerity jewel

In a brassy crown for rhyming lies

Let me wallow with you for a while

In the mud of this fate...


But…mud made of earth neither putrid nor sterile

On a beautiful planet beyond heaven’s gate…?


I am human.

Sometimes prostrate in the mud of self-obsession


Other times erect in the clay of my humanity


With friends and hands and feet and art I mould my own way.


So, together we can feel that spark, then, an explosion of joys!

For we, risen from stardust,

Can change, our words, and trivial ploys,

As hate changes to love and suspicion to trust.


Makers of decisions, doers of deeds

Owners of selves, deflectors of chaos

We can let our minds range from the infinitesimal to the infinite

And let our hearts soar!


For the great poetry of life unfolds

To charge this infinite forever

We see there is something rather than nothing

And that existence, the ultimate God, triumphs over never.


0 # 2010-10-18 15:20
True human nature at its best and worst.
Brilliant !
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