Written by Cyt ap Nydden on .

In mellow autumns harvest mist

these fields of stubble, nature blessed,

now we accept the lands sweet gift

before we take our evening rest,

we DANCE, dance the spirit,

dance the spirit back into the ground.


In deep winters snowy fast

sweet Earth at rest, all nature slow,

we celebrate New Year at last

around the cheery fires glow,

we WILL, will the spirit,

Will the spirit deep into the Earth.


Dance the Hobby, Bang the Drum,

Celebrate the life to come.

Flaunt the Horns and Sing the Song

Land’s renewal won’t be long.


In gentle spring as buds do swell

the living ground provides life’s surge,

all Nature looses mighty yell

we revel in  creative urge.

And SING, sing the spirit,

Sing the spirit back into the land.


Then lazy ripening, summer heat,

and upward, outward, urge is seen,

speedy growing, golden glowing,

as this lands life has always been.

So LOVE, love the spirit,

Love the spirit within everything.

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