The Wild Hunter

Written by Peter Nash on .

I am the voice that calls from deserted hilltops
Hear me whisper in the lonely grass heaths
My heartbeat is the hypnotic pounding
Of the shaman's drum.

I speak in freezing streams if you listen,
In dreams , in visions and in rainbows
I cry in the wind as I hunt my quarry
I am in the sun the moon and the planets.

I haunt the cold, grey barrow and cromlech
I climb the winter sky with orion's sword
I died for the love of the Goddess.
I am reborn again at the winter solstice.

For I am the Child of Promise
I am crowned with holly and oak
I turn with the wheel of the seasons
I am eternal crowned with horns.


0 # bee 2010-11-29 17:59
I love this, it's great. Thanks!
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