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Tree in Oxwich Woods

Sunday, 18 July 2010 15:15


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Blackthorn flowers have an ethereal glow to them. They almost light up a woodland, blossoming as they do at a time when few other trees, itself included, have even come into leaf. The effect is made all the more dramatic as it's white petals erupt from the darkest of leafless wood.

Blackthorn wood is the favoured wood for making walking sticks and Irish shillelaghs. In the making of shillelaghs, the Blackthorn's dark colour was often enhanced by smothering the wood in butter then placing it inside a chimney to cure. This contrast between the darkness of the Blackthorn and the vivid white of its blossom is not the only yin/yang aspect of this remarkable small tree. Whilst the flowers draw passers-by close to admire their beauty, its cruelly sharp thorns repel. These fierce looking thorns are associated both with the crown of thorns which Jesus bore at his crucifixion and the razor sharp thicket the fairy tale prince needed to cut through to save Sleeping Beauty from the evil spell cast upon her.


Tuesday, 30 October 2012 09:40


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Warm Samhain Greetings to all. Tomorrow night is for me and many others one of the most important Sabbats of the Pagan wheel. Its the time we ask the Ancient Ones and the ancestors over to join us and we remember them (including pets in my case). But this night I would like to ask you all to ask the Olde Ones to send protection for the father of all trees ,the Oak.

Here in Cardiff in our Roath Park (this may well be in other parts of the country too) our Oaks have been struck with Sudden Oak Death. I was born here but I have never heard of any of our trees contacting that desease. Not so long ago it was the Larch and also I have heard that the Ash as also been struck with a desease.

So I would like to ask you all to mention the ash and the larch (if you are not already intending to) to include the oak tree in your rituals on Samhain eve.

Many warm and sacred Samhain blessings to all of you on here. BB X

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