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Cat Hole Cave, Gower

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Situated inland, Cat Hole cave is the easiest of the Gower Peninsula's famous bone caves to access and explore. Reached from Parkmill Heritage Centre by following the footpath through Parc-le-Breos, the cave can be found only a short distance north from the neolithic burial monument of Giant 's Grave. Set some 15 metres above the valley floor in a limestone rock face, the entrance to the cave can be reached by a rough track that rises steeply through the woodland to the east of the main footpath.


Cat Hole Hole, Rising High Above Parc-le-Breos

Fronting the cave is a wide, open platform of land that is scattered with several immense limestone cubes - an ideal spot to catch one's breath after the climb from the valley below. Resting in this isolated and heady location for a few moments, with little in the environment to anchor you to the present, it is easy to imagine pre-historic man preparing meals or just resting in the open air here some 20,000 years ago.


For those who want to venture into the cold darkness of the cave, there are two entrances, both leading immediately to a low and wide chamber. At the rear of the cave, a long, curving side passage extends a further 4.5 metres into the limestone rock. To follow this deeper, winding passage, a torch light is required by all save the bravest of individuals.


Cat Hole cave was excavated in 1958, when many flint blades, fragments of pottery and two human skeletons were uncovered. The further discovery of broken burial urns suggests that the cave was used as a funeral ground during the bronze age. Many of these finds now rest in the British Natural History Museum , but a few can still be seen at Swansea Museum.


Light Shaft Emanating from Cat Hole Cave's Secondary Entrance


When exploring the cave, please respect the fact that this is an important winter roost for Lesser Horseshoe and other species of bats.

To the side of the rock face that houses Cat Hole Cave, lies another cave entrance, but this has been gated as it's difficult navigation makes it unsuitable for public access.

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