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Carreg Lleidr Standing Stone, Anglesey

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Carreg Lleidr is one of Anglesey’s trickiest to find and difficult to access ancient pagan monuments. However, the curious-looking standing stone certainly rewards the effort required in visiting the small menhir.

Also known as the Robber’s Stone, Carreg Lleidr is ripe with folklore. The most popular tale attached to the standing stone is that it is a petrified thief who had stolen an expensive bible, whose cover was inlaid with precious gems, amongst other items, from a nearby church and was thus punished  by it’s patron, St. Tyrnog. At midnight on Christmas Eve each year, the stone is said to drag itself from the soil to run three times around the field, pursued by demons wielding pitchforks aglow from the fires of hell!

These tales most assuredly arise from the unusual appearance of the standing stone – that of  a red-hued man, hunched as he flees across the field with a sack upon his back.

The field in which the four feet tall Carreg Leidr stone stands also possesses a magical heritage. Apparently, a farmer and his daughter out scouring the land for their missing cows happened on a rather unusual scene here as they passed the standing stone -  a fairy army mounted on miniature ponies riding in a circle. The daughter, enchanted by the display ran into the circle where she promptly vanished.

Distraught at the disappearance of her daughter, the farmer consulted a ‘wise man’ who informed him that to have his daughter returned from the fairy realm he would need to return to the field on the anniversary of her vanishing. The farmer did as he was told and one year later, to the very hour, he and four of his friends returned to the standing stone to search for the young woman. There, as promised by the ‘wise man’, he saw his daughter riding frantically with the fairies in a circle. Tying a rope around his waist, the farmer rushed with the circle and grabbed his daughter, whereupon his four friends hauled them free from the fairy ring. The daughter, after thanking the men for their help, then turned to her father and asked if they should continue searching for the missing cows, believing only seconds had passed instead of a whole year!


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