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Wild Thyme

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A Beautiful Bundle of Wild Thyme (Thymus serpyllum) - Bovehill Tor, Gower

Wild Thyme a.k.a. Creeping Thyme, is a beautiful wild flower which can appear in numerous colour displays ranging through the various hues between pink and purple (very rarely, its flowers can also appear in white). The colourful patch of wild thyme featured in this post was made all the more spectacular by it contrasting nicely with the silver-grey limestone rock which stabs through the earth at various points near the summit of Bovehill Tor.

Perhaps it was the delicious hues and perfume of Wild Thyme which made our ancestors believe they marked favourite sites for faery visitations. Land decorated by Wild Thyme was said to be blessed as sacred by faeries and folklore held that large gatherings of these spirits could be witnessed at these grounds by mortals who smeared themselves in Thyme oil.

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