DIY Bandana Face Mask

In this video I am showing you how quick and easy homemade face mask you can use while stepping out for a walk or some yard work . Please note, this is my personal choice and it worked for me while I used for yard work, but you have to try it if you think it’s work for you or not. So don’t wear or make it if you don’t think its safe for you!!!
The size I fold based on my face size, you can always adjust the length to fit you comfortably.
You’ll need:
1 bandana ( 100% cotton or Non woven fabric) size 21” x 21” and up
2 ponytail holders
Filter- can be purchased at Walmart or Amazon . In this video I use envirocare vacuum cleaner bag...
Choose the filter that suitable for your need. This brand is for my personal choice because I always have them for my vacuum cleaner ( new)

Please follow CDC guidelines, Wash your hands often, Social distancing, Stay home if possible,, take care of yourself and others. I wish everyone the best !!!
Thank you for watching

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