DIY NO SEW Face Masks EASIEST t-shirt u0026 scissors ONLY 2-4 mins Washable Reusable easy

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Make 2 more masks out of the sleeves:
DIY NO SEW FACE MASK 😷 | Just a t-shirt u0026 scissors

‘Filter Pocket Upgrade’ Tutorial located here:
Please read filter warning below!!!
After making your mask:
1 ) Always wear a clean mask
2 ) Apply to face with clean hands
3 ) Once the mask is on, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE OR THE MASK
4 ) If you have a runny nose, depending on how long you’re going to be out, bring multiple masks (in a clean ziplock bag) to change into just in case moisture begins to build up
5 ) When removing the mask, wash hands then remove the mask only by the ear loops.

This tutorial is for homemade masks that fall into the guidelines recommended by the CDC for non-healthcare workers. Fabric face coverings are used to keep people who are ‘well’ from touching from their face, as well as an additional precaution to HELP prevent spread of viruses when worn by asymptomatic individuals... Masks NEVER replace the practice of hand washing and when necessary, social distancing

Please be careful with WHAT you use as a FILTER. Some household items may contain harmful materials like fiberglass that are not meant to be right by your face. Also, placing a filter in front does not give the wearer the same protection as an n95 mask since homemade masks don’t create a complete seal around the nose and mouth.

More info available on the CDC website at:

Q: what size shirt do I use?
A: As long as you have 16” from armpit to armpit and then at least 22” from the bottom of the collar to top of hem (at the bottom of the shirt) you’re good to go!
Q: Song Info?
Song Title: “Ee Ea-io”
Artist: Mosaic Sound Recordings

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