How to Make the Best Face Mask No Sewing Dont use Cotton or Vac Bags

I spent almost a month to get this right - This face mask is the closest homemade approximation of an N95 face mask with common materials. No sewing, no cotton ("cloth / fabric"). This mask is a far better homemade option compared to cloth face masks (or using a sock) for both filtration and most importantly fitment. This can be batch made in 10 minutes and is washable / reusable. This face mask uses non-woven polypropylene and is far better than a cotton (cloth) mask or even surgical mask (which leak on the sides). Your results obviously could vary depending on materials available. A proper N95 or P2 mask is always the best choice - and this shouldn't be used to supplement one,  However where a homemade mask is required this should provide better results than using loose woven cotton.

As a disclaimer though - Like all my videos- I'm not an expert. This video should be interpreted as theory, my own experimentation u0026 entertainment only. Seek professional advise, do your own research and use this information at your own risk.

*Update, here in Australia, It looks like people in Melbourne, Victoria may need to wear masks in public. If you are making one all the parts used in this video are available off the shelf from Australian retailers, I will do a specific list on my website soon.

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Face Mask Template can be found here:

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Other notes:
*My comparisons are to an Australian / European P2 respirator which is widely consider an n95 equivalent face mask.